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Our Oceans film screening at NEWF

Last night the film ‘Our Oceans’ was screened at the Nature, Environment and Wildlife Filmmakers Congress (NEWF) at Suncoast Casino, Barnyard Theatre (KwaZulu-Natal).

The film is a journey of discovery on board the conservation research vessel, Angra Pequena. The crew document ground-breaking expeditions on board the vessel and this unique access gives the viewer a window into the world of ocean exploration. The journey focuses on iconic species including the Humpback Whale, the Coelacanth and the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark.

From breaching whales to footage from remote cameras more than 100m below the surface, the viewer is treated to a rich variety of imagery that shows the magic of the ocean in a way very few will ever get to experience first-hand.

The film was exceptionally well received by the some 300 guests and a Q&A panel discussion post-screening confirmed that this is so much more than just a film – but rather an advocacy and awareness tool to promote the protection of OUR OCEANS. Also echoing a message for South Africans to “own”, be proud of and invest in OUR OCEANS.

Visit to meet the characters who inspired the film and the crew who captured their stories and brought them to life. The site also offers tips on how you can help save the ocean and make a difference. The hope is that ‘Our Oceans’ will be accepted and feature at several film festivals around the world, so be sure to check the screenings page regularly for screenings near you.

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