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The Angry Penguin

Anchoring “Our Oceans” film is the WILDOCEANS research vessel, the Angra Pequena, her crew, and associated network of Scientists and Ocean Stewards. The 72 ft (99 ton) vintage wooden expedition motor yacht was built in Luderitz in Namibia at the Nieswandt Shipyard and launched in 1959. Since then she has had a proud history in the service of the oceans. Most recently, she has been used in the Southern Indian Ocean, to deploy an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) into offshore canyons to depths of over 100m, allowing the successful filming of coelacanths. She has also anchored a series of marine expeditions collecting information for the expansion of South Africa’s Marine Protected Area network.

The Angra Pequena is a unique platform for marine research, scientific discovery, conservation and filming. She is a floating oceanic laboratory capable of deploying marine instruments such as ROVs, CTD, plankton nets, sonar and echo-sounders, BRUVS, and sediment grab samplers. She has a fuel range of over 3000 NM and can stay at sea comfortably for 30 days. She is equipped with a 5 MT Palfinger crane, a water-maker, dive compressor, satellite communications, storage freezers and a semi-rigid inflatable boat with 2x 40HPengines.

RV Angra Pequena

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