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Meet the Inspiration

Learn more about the characters who inspired our film and the crew who brought it to life

The Crew

The Crew



Charlie is a Director with a passion for the natural world and the people fighting to sustain it. With a background in Zoology he has spent the past 10 years producing content for a host of international broadcasters. Our Oceans is his latest film and one he believes has great importance.

“It’s has been a rollercoaster ride. I've met incredible people, travelled to breathtaking locations and I've been lucky enough to work with a group of really talented young South African filmmakers who are passionate about their natural heritage. It's been a great adventure but it's also has been a wakeup call, a warning that our oceans are in desperate need of our attention, they cannot sustain the pressure we as humans continue to exert on them. I'm excited about sharing this film with audiences around the world and I hope it inspires action."




“I have been sucked in completely by the characters of this series; their passion and total commitment to our oceans is relentless, powerful, and inspiring.  Having had the opportunity to tell their stories in not something I’ve taken lightly – it has been very close to my heart everyday that I’ve sat in edit weaving their tales together.  I have no doubt that viewers will find their passion contagious.  To see the highs and lows of this great conservation effort goes to show that saving our oceans is no walk in the park – it’s going to take brave and committed souls, like these, who truly care for Our Oceans and the heritage of our future generations, to create the awareness that is so desperately needed.”

Her passion for change has seen her embrace the editor’s role of this significant series – Our Oceans.  

For over a decade, Viki has travelled Africa documenting the stories of her wildlife and people for both local and international broadcasters.  As a producer, director and editor she has been recognised for her use of film in drawing attention to the problems we face as a human race and the conservation of our planet. 




Assistant Director/Camera Op

George began his journey into filmmaking as an Underwater camera operator. He spent two years traveling the coasts of Africa documenting the underwater world and creating content for international broadcasters. This led him into working on everything from award winning short films to music videos and commercials.

"Working on Our Oceans has been a privilege. Whether it was spending weeks on an old wooden fishing vessel looking for coelacanths in rough seas; or diving in winding currents trying to find hammerheads; or sitting on dunes trying to film humpback whales, it's been an unbelievable ride. The hours were long, and the work was tough, but having a strong, dedicated film crew of top quality humans, all working together to tell the stories of our natural heritage, and the stories of those trying to protect it, has been the journey of a life time. Being the only vegetarian was sometimes tough. I will never eat Mac N Cheese again!"




Moses is a multimedia graduate who honed his camera skills shooting behind the scenes on music videos. Having completed his studies, Moses was hired to work on an international 4K wildlife series. By the end of the production he had progressed from data wrangler to camera operator and has never looked back. 

Following a stint in commercials, He returned to documentaries and has filmed across the continent for a number of local and international broadcasters.

“My highlight has to be walking onto the Angra Pequena research vessel for the first time. I mean, I have been on my fair share of boats, but none had such history as this. It almost looked like a relic from the past, with its own sea adventure stories to tell. The perfect backdrop for this story about the future of our oceans.”



Underwater Cinematographer

Jason is an underwater cinematographer and technical diver based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has over ten years experience in film and television having worked as a camera operator for international and local networks, covering some of the biggest events of the decade.

Jason has combined his love for diving and camera work and has filmed in a variety of different environments and conditions - from the kelp forests in South Africa’s southern Cape to tropical coral reefs in Asia, caves in northern Namibia, deep wrecks in the Egyptian Red Sea and the offshore canyons of Sodwana Bay at depths exceeding 100m.

“It's something I'll never forget - the atmosphere on board electrified in an instant, crew shouting and laughing as the worry drained from their faces, they found it...that damn fish...and in that moment all the hardship, strife and long days, all of it was worth it - that is a memory that will definitely stay with me forever.”




Following the global success of her debut film Blood Lions®, Lauren took on the role of producer of Our Oceans. Lauren has been involved in the scripting, filming, character selection and post-production process. She has also ensured the authenticity of the science and conservation.

“Wow, what a truly special journey ‘Our Oceans’ has been. I was completely blown away by all the ocean advocates that we met along the way – passionate, crazy and committed. They will inspire you (sometimes to drink, but inspire you nevertheless). I must also note how many unnamed species (not profiled in the film) were discovered on our expeditions – truly mind-blowing how much we are yet to uncover in our oceans. Being on board the Angra Pequena is something I would like to try not do anytime soon (or ever) as she ain’t called the Angry Penguin for nothing! Happy to review the ROV footage on land – don’t need to see it live. Lastly, I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with such professionals – from the crew to the editor to sound and grade – nothing was ever a hassle and everyone just got on with it. Thank you team!”


With a background in production and financial management in both the factual and commercial industries, Sherene has an in-depth understanding of the broadcast and production landscape in Africa. As the Producer on Our Oceans she has advised on everything from funding applications and budgeting to film permits and camera crews. 



I am passionate about the Oceans, having grown up in False Bay most of my spare time I was in the ocean.  It has been so inspiring to work on a project with people whom are as passionate about keeping our oceans healthy for the generations to come.  It has been inspiring watching our filming team whom we have been working with since 2015 really step up in their positions & take ownership of their roles, I am incredibly proud of them all, they have all done an amazing job.




Born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal, Lungelo was in charge of the technical side of the project ensuring that the data management ran smoothly. At the end of each days filming Lungelo would be waiting to process the footage filmed by the crew, ensuring that every clip was named, filed, backed up and ready for the edit. From day one on location to the final delivery, Lungelo has

“Being on this project was fun. I have never been around so many people who felt so passionately about the ocean and its well-being. It was also quite refreshing to meet a young African woman who was just as knowledgeable about the oceans as the more common white scientists."

been working in the background to make sure Our Oceans is a success.

Nomzamo Phungula.jpg


Production Coordinator

Before joining the WILDTRUST, multiple college drop-out and street culturist Nomzamo made a
living as a radio broadcaster and behind-the-scenes visual artist for ten years. Now a communications assistant at WILDOCEANS, she has since channelled her energy and made this her purpose- to help make a difference by lifting the veil of ignorance surrounding man induced issues that currently plague our planet.

“This truly has been a journey of discovery, an initiation of sort. I’ve met people from all walks of life all brought together by a cause that is much bigger than us. The process has revealed us to each other but mostly to ourselves. A lot of what I grew up knowing about the oceans’ healing power and majesty has for me been put into words and confirmed by science -I can now better explain the “why” and “how”, which for my people, has been a magical mystery. The root of our love for the ocean is the same, it just branches out differently. My respect for this blue realm and the life it holds has deepened even further.”




Raised in a small village called Upper Ncera in Alice. Anam was in charge of the data management, ensuring that copied footage was transcoded at the end of each day before preparing the project for the editor. 

"As a person who suffers from Thalassophobia, being part of the project was very educational for me and provided some healing and conquering the fear of the unknown and as I got to overcome some of my fears about the deep blue. I also learnt that although it seems like a scary place, but it is also very fragile and needs us to conserve it for future generations. PS: I also got to learn about Coelacanth. How cool is that?"

The Cast

Dr. Jean Harris
Dr. Andrew Venter
Mduduzi Seakamela
Dr. Kerry Sink
Dr. Ken Findlay
Roland Mauz
Tembisa Jordaan
Steve Benjamin
Chris Wilkinson
Dr. Jennifer Olbers
Tamsyn Livingstone
Ryan Palmer
Eve Marshall
Jamila Janna
Sandile Ntuli
Bongekile Nene
Nelisiwe Manukuza
Emil Unger
The Scientists
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